Areas of study

Ribera d'Ebre

Ribera d'Ebre

With the aim to measure the transplacental transference and by breastfeeding of the hexachlorobenzene (HCB) and the effects on the neurobehavioural development, a cohort was built with all new born of the town of Flix and 5 adjacent towns (nearby Ribera d'Ebre), between March 1997 and December 1999. This study was justified by the high levels found in these populations and the lack of specific studies of the HCB in new born babies.

94 of the 118 births of all the area joined the cohort, but there was also information of pregnancy and childbirth and cord blood of other 8 children (a total of 102). These children were evaluated at the moment of birth, at 8 weeks of life, at 1 year and at 4 years.

Collaborating institututions:

  • Creal - Centre de recerca en epidemilogia ambiental
  • IMIM - Hospital del mar